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Making Friends

Library Shows

I do a a 50 minute magic/juggling comedy clown show called "Boswick's Reading Circus". My show is fun, funny, fast-paced, and filled with interaction. I use between 10 and 30 children to come up with me and participate as magical helpers.

The show begins by putting on my make up. Not a lot of people have seen how a circus clown readies himself for a show. The children find it interesting and educational, but most of all -- it's fun and silly.

I then take the audience on an imaginary journey to the Reading Circus. Here, children will perform all the things they might find in books about the circus. They act out anything from a ring master and wild animals to acrobats (I help them do somersaults, safely) and jugglers. Of course, there is one silly clown leading the way!

The Reading Angle

At each library show, I ask the librarian to pick out the appropriate books (magic, juggling, circus) and use the books as my background. I will explain many of the tricks I do in my show to the children and encourage them to read more about them in the books.

I encourage questions about all aspects of clowning. Kids love to hear about my time in the circus. And I always make time after the show to sign autographs and take pictures with the children (and their parents!)

What's special about Boswick's Library Show?

My hope is the love and passion I feel for family performing shines through my performance.

I believe that a clown should be funny (and I mean really funny.) You'll be amazed at how much the children laugh. But most all, the children come away from my library show knowing that reading is fun!

A Personal Note from Boswick

I love performing at libraries. I truly believe that if I can translate the fun of reading, I can change the world one little person at a time!

  • Thank you, Boswick, for a wonderfully entertaining program. The kids obviously enjoyed it. One mom said it was the best program she has seen here... Sincerely,
    Pam Ow Eureka Valley Children's Librarian
  • My daughter Ruby laughed herself silly. So did I...
  • I enjoyed the performance at the Woodside Library. My favorite part was when I got to be in the front and learned how to juggle. Your best friend,
    Destiny 7 years old
  • You were a hit with everyone from the youngest toddlers to the parents and grandparents.
    Mark Hall San Francisco Children's Librarian
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