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In The Classroom

School Shows

Live entertainment is invaluable for children's development. Studies show children exposed to the arts become better communicators and reading skills are improved.

Boswick the Clown's show incorporates the skills you (as a school) are instilling in your students; listening, sharing, social interaction, creative roll playing, letter, word, number and color recognition. Boswick's show also strives to leave the children with a strong sense of self worth. And always, the children are the real heroes in Boswick's show.

Boswick's Circus

Boswick's school show is called "Boswick's Circus." The show runs about 40 minutes and is fun, funny, fast-paced, and filled with object lessons.

The performance begins with the question, "What do you see in a circus?" By beginning the show with such a strong interaction, the children are creating the show they are about to see and have already started thinking creatively!

The children will be engaged and laughing harder than you've ever seen. Their laughter is very contagious and you might even find yourself laughing as well.

Boswick makes the grade with schools:

  • "You were wonderful. The kids are STILL talking about it. Most have never seen anything like that."
    Toni Egan Reading Specialist, E. Ruth Sheldon Elementary
  • "You were great! The kids and parents alike were very entertained."
    Virgie PTA President, Burnett Elementary School
  • "We wanted to thank you for putting on such a great show! The teacher loved you [too!]"
    Harry Griffin Parent, Miraloma Elementary School
  • "Thanks Boswick for the many years you've added so much to the carnival"
    Jamie PTA President, Lawton Elementary School
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